A good suit

He went salsa-dancing after his wife had left him for a younger man.

The salsa place at Hannover Square in London became one of his favourite hang-out, and his salsa dancing improved rapidly. Sadly, he never seemed to be able to pull.

He was advised to try an online dating agency, that promised eternal happiness and a date after only a few weeks of joining by a close friend of his.

So he joined, carefully compiled the questions that made up his profile, and uploaded his most recent photograph.

He looked good, and the photograph came across well. When it came to stating his religion, he double-clicked on ‘none’ and he left out that his middle-name was Mustafa. Not that he wasn’t proud of being muslim – he was, but he didn’t want to be labelled, that’s why he didn’t post that he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia either.

Having logged on every day, and written to a few ladies whose photos had caught his eye, he got a message in his in—box by Charlotte from Hamburg in Germany. She had worked and studied in London, and liked his photograph. In actual fact, she had danced salsa too, and even knew the salsa hang-out that he had mentioned on his profile.

He was a bit taken aback, when he read that she was applying to Judaism, and decided to leave religion to one side and after all, he was an atheist really.

They decided to write to each other and drew closer with each letter.

A few months later she had booked herself a seat on a train to Kings Cross International. She was going to visit friends of hers in London, and had booked a bed in a youth hostel for ten days.

They had decided to meet at the coffee place on the second floor of the British Library. She had decided to wear her new sandals with blue-jeans and a flowing blouse that matched the colour of her eyes. He was punctual, and was wearing blue-jeans too, with a black shirt and black trainers. It was instant like on both sides. Although they felt attracted to each other, things were a bit awkward at the beginning, and their conversation was a bit rocky.

They spent the next few days together and became an item against the odds.

Oben Unten