A room in Freiburg

I came to Freiburg via France. I had boarded the train at Waterloo and had changed trains in Paris and at Basel. I arrived on a Sunday and there weren’t too many people about. I took the tram-line to the Güntherstal, where I had pre-booked an albergo close to the Lioba Monastery which is situated by a forest called the Sternwald.

It was a bit odd returning to Germany, because the Freiburgians identify by means of being towns-people of Freiburg, not Germans of Germany. However, when I arrived at the albergo, I spotted the German flag, and it made me cringe.

I liked the albergo, and the single room that I had pre-booked, because breakfast was excellent, and the young man who prepared it was so friendly and helpful.

I had returned to live in Germany for good. So I was looking for a room and took the tram to the Kaiser-Joseph-Straße in the the town centre the next morning. I got off at the tram station Holzmarkt, however, and ventured to the university building in order to put up notices with a house on it, looking for a room.

I did touristy things too, I visited the Münster, the Augustinermuseum and tasted the beer in the famous local brewery.


Finally somebody wrote me an e-mail. Hi and his girl-friend had offered me a room the the part of town called the Stühlinger. I was so happy to accept their kind offer, and paid the deposit. I left for London in order to hand over the keys to my flat in Stockwell, and to put the remains of my belongings into a suitcase and – once again – took the train to Freiburg im Breisgau via Paris and Basel.

I did eventually leave Freiburg, but sometimes it’s as if the rivulet calls me and asks me to return. The same is to be said about the River:

“Bali hai will call you, any night any day, Bali hai will call you, come away come away.

Bali hai will whisper in the wind of the sea, here am I, your special island! Come to me, come to me!”

Oben Unten