Flowers from wool

We made little flowers from wool that you wrap around a pen together and baked Brezeln. However, the Russian lady who supervised the play-group told me that my Dad was in actual fact from Niedersachsen, which is a region in the North of Germany.

I studied abroad, in the UK, and returned to Germany in 2005. I had decided to live in Freiburg im Breisgau. I quite liked Freiburg, and some of the corners of Freiburg seemed strangely familiar. I wondered why.

Some months ago, my Dad died all of a sudden.

However, some days ago I noticed somebody getting angry with me. Problem – you – little one he seemed to be saying in terms of using something like British Sign Language.

Mum had never told me about the Pflegepapi in Freiburg, but when I was about five years old, she had shown me a photo of somebody with wooden pearls in a glass. I disliked the photo.

Now there is a slithering of a chance that the man on the photo is my birth Dad, and that he lived in Freiburg im Breisgau.

I think that Mum could and indeed should have clarified who this Pflegepapi is. Not being sure of who your parents are creates problems for children, even when they become adults themselves, namely in terms of their identity, religious and otherwise.

Oben Unten