The princess


The princess

The princess meets the prince. The princess loves the prince. The princess marries the prince. Happily ever after.

I close the book. I am sitting on my bed in my small room. Next to me: my little teddy-bear. I hug him. I always hug him after reading the story of the little princess. I stand up and go to the window. Outside: a dark cloud crying tears. They're dropping onto the window sill.

On the pink wall next to the window there is a photo. A photo of my mommy and my daddy. It is a photo of them holding a little girl in their arms dressed as a princess.

I always wanted to be a princess. Living in a palace with millions of toys and sweets. When I was a little baby, we were living behind a border. That's what mommy told me. There was a long wall, she said. There was an evil kingdom behind it, no hope or love. But mommy wanted me to be a princess.

One day daddy told me a story. My story. The story of a little girl becoming a princess. I don't remember what happened. I was just a little baby. My mommy and daddy didn't have a job in the evil kingdom. We needed money to have a good life. Mommy often cried, daddy said. That makes me sad. Daddy made a plan to escape. A friend of him, a big man with dark hair and a deep voice came to us the night before we wanted to break out of this kingdom. He gave daddy a treasure map. The treasure was the kingdom on the other side of the wall where you can become whatever you want, even a princess. Daddy told me that we always had to be careful of the soldiers of the evil kingdom.

I don't remember the whole story. I know that mommy and daddy started this big journey. They kept walking for many days. It was very risky and dangerous. Sometimes they saw soldiers who caught other people who wanted to escape.

After three days of walking mommy got sick. A soldier hurt mommy with a big weapon. She got weaker and so we had to stop.

But daddy didn't give up. He led us across the big wall. Behind it there lay a new magical world. Daddy's friend was waiting there for us in a black carriage. He took us to a hiding place.

After one year my daddy found a new job. He earned money by cleaning the golden plates of the people from the kingdom. This was six years ago.

Now we are living in a flat, with toys and sweets. Now I am a real princess. The photo on the wall shows a little girl with a T-shirt. It looks like a dress on her. A princess' dress. But the picture was taken in the evil kingdom.

One day I asked my dad: "Where is mommy?"

Daddy said that she was sick and had to stay on the other side of the wall.

"So mommy is fine now, daddy? Can I see mommy?", I asked.

"She is fine, little princess. She always wanted the best for you. She had a dream, honey. Do you know what this dream is called?"

"No daddy, what do you call this dream?"

"The American Dream, honey. The American Dream!"

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