The studio

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Her hairdressing-studio was situated on the Wandsworth Rd in Wandsworth, London. She, Lucia that is, had worked her way up. She had studied hairdressing at a local college, and specialized in black hair and extensions. Lucia – called Lucy – was black.

She liked chatting to the ladies that came in for a new hair-style or a new look. She knew what she was doing, and more often than not they complimented her on the new look that she had achieved.

Her studio was somewhat old-fashioned, but Lucia was mindful of how to run a business, and had managed to put her savings into a Barclays Bank saving plus account.

The ladies were eager to get an appointment. She liked listening to what they were up to, and joined in the local gossip; they chatted for hours.

Lucy looked good. She was a slim fit and had long hair. She took pride in her appearance, and women liked her.

She had collected the photographs of hair-dressing models, and had pasted the photographs into a photo-album.

Hair extensions took a long time, so she put on the radio, when Audrey had her extensions done, in order to listen to the news.

She’d ask, what radio station Audrey liked, so this time they listened to Classical Radio.

Audrey had wanted hair extensions for a while, and had saved up in order to have them done. She had been invited to a wedding of Claudel, and had decided to look stunning.

She had bought a dress from an Oxfam shop on the Kings Rd and a pair of high heels.

Claudel was getting married to Larry and they had put ‘The great vegetarian cookbook’ onto their wedding list, which she had bought as a present.

They were going to get married at Stockwell Methodist Church on Sunday at 10 o’clock in order to have the reception in the Methodist Hall.

‘What about your make-up?’ Lucia asked.

‘I’ll be wearing a lip-stick the same colour of my dress, and some MAC as eye-make up.’ Audrey replied.


‘Probably Jungle from Kenzo’.

They laughed.

It was already six o’clock when they listened to the news.

A left-wing politician had had an affair with the wife of a Conservative politician, and had ordered a law suit, because she had smuggled news of confidential party secrets to her Conservative husband, who in his turn found out about the affair.

At half past six, Lucia and Audrey bed farewell. Lucia took the broom, and cleaned the floor, before taking her hand-bag from the room at the back, and closed her shop for the day.

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