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... or maybe not the last (Sequel to Last Minute...)
Eingestellt am 31. 08. 2002 22:51

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... or maybe not the last

(Sequel to "Last minute...")

I'm standing here before heavens gate
There's nobody else to see
I'm knocking on heavens door
"Hello?" ... No answer
Well, that's not nice
I look around
It's so bright here
I should have taken my sunglasses with me
Ha! Even in death I'm joking

"You are to early" I hear a voice behind me
I whirl around to look at a tall thin man
"Are you god?" I ask
He didn't answer, well that's not nice too
"It's not your time yet, go back" he says instead
"But I'm dead, I can't go back" I say
He looks at my chest "Does it beating?"
I lay my hand upon my heart
I swollow "No, not anymore"
"You're dead indeed, but not for long"
With those words he is gone
Well, that's not nice, I must say

A painful sting storms through my chest
Oh that hurts, really hurts, I can tell you
Ouch! Again! And Again! My heart!
I bring my hands upon my heart to cover it
"Hey! Stop that! It hurts, you know?!" I scream
I'm in pain, well, that's not nice
Then I feel something
I'm drifting away from heavens gate
Oh yeah, they bring me to hell, I see
I knew that would coming, you know

Hm, now I feel dizzy
It's like ... awakening
That can not be, I'm dead
Well I'm supposed to be dead, right?
But wait, I feel warm
Curious I touch my chest
Oh my god, my heart is beating
And I feel the grass, touches on my body
And I hear voices, many of them
And I hear the torn voice of my love
They are all talking to me

Am I back to life?
Well, let's see
My heart is beating
And I'm breathing, weak, but I do
That's good too
I try to open my eyes
Fluttering they do
Hell is this bright!
Where are my sunglasses?
Oh look, there's my beautiful angel
Bending over me
Crying of relieve and smiles

I feel a kiss
I hear words of love
My angel holds my hand
Don't want to let go
Was always at my side
My angel didn't let me go
How do I deserve that?
Oh, I know, it's love
The other voices order her to let go
They want me to carry away
She refuses, fighting them to let go my hand
Well, that's my girl
They carry me away, she's at my side
Holding still my hand
Well, she always get's what she wants

I don't know how long I'm lying here
It's a room, white and steril
There are tubes in my arms and nose
A box makes an annoying voice
That beeping sound nerves to death I tell you
My chest hurts like hell, but hey, I'm alive
I can't believe that
I look at my side
There she is, my love, my angel, my everything
"Hey you" I whisper
"Hey yourself" she smiles
I love that smile
She bends over, giving me a kiss
Oh yeah, I feel much better

"If you do that again, I kill you by myself" she playfully snarles
Isn't she lovely?
"Okay" I say, meaning that
Carefully she reaches out to touch my face
Her fingertips are so soft, like feaders
We're looking at each other
Sinking in the others orbs
Like we always do
"I love you" she vows
"I love you too" I reply with all my heart
There I see heaven again
I see heaven in her eyes

(c) 2002 Chakram

Die Träne ist die Sprache der Seele und die Stimme des Gefühls.
(Filippo Pananti)

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