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A Sign Of Life
Eingestellt am 07. 10. 2001 00:52

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A sign of life

Moonlight in the night
Used to stroke my face
Stars from up the sky
Twinkle down on me

On my way straight ahead
Lay many stones of black
The pale face of the moon
Seems to show a yellow grin

A sign of life
There just behind
A touch of danger
While wandering through the night

Nothing in the cold air
But my glimmering fretful eyes
A nervous noise
From any frighten thing

The world now
Seems to melt
Colours I have never seen
Dazzling, disconcerted, strange

Don’t know where I am
Who I am
I feel so sad
So empty, alone and mad

Nothing I belong to
No one understands me
But the pale faced, lovely moon
Is my companion on whole the lonely way

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Dear Aditu!

That' s a very beautiful poem you wrote, although (or maybe because?) it's making me a little sad and feeling some kind of lonely...



Show your shining!


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