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A certain way of life
Eingestellt am 04. 03. 2005 19:44

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Elmar Feische
Registriert: Sep 2001

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A certain way of life

In the beginning, a certain smile,
then laughter and kisses and luck for a while.
Following children, a girl and a boy,
and years of happiness, pleasure and joy.
They grow up to wisdom and pride,
making our days, our years blooming bright.

Then decisions for a life of own choice,
uttering attitudes with a very clear voice.
Empty rooms, piled up with unfulfilled dreams,
now waiting for renovation, as it seems.
Unanswered questions linger in the air,
the deserted environment needs a repair.

All of a sudden, we are left in the dark,
but we will start new and try to embark,
to another distant, mysterious shore,
hoping to find, what we are looking for.
We are eager to learn, are brave and strong,
what we are planning, it cannot be wrong.

In the end again a certain smile,
our eyes join together on our last mile.
We are on a good way to salvation,
on arrival, we will do our own creation,
creating an ultimate place of refuge,
where we will be saved from the next deluge.

We will no longer need our mortail remains,
And do not bother, when our flesh fades.
Looking up into the shining light,
we will give up our struggle and fight,
settling down with calmness and ease,
finally happy and resting in peace.

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