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Against all reason
Eingestellt am 05. 02. 2002 22:02

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Registriert: Jan 2002

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Against all reason

My heart is tumbling
Even if i think of you
You drive me crazy
When ever you´re around
Don´t know where to look
Your eyes
Deeper as the sea
Never looking bright at me
When ever you smile
You don´t mean ( it to ) me

Against all reason
Baby you´re still the one
You turn me on
Turn my night into day
You drive my fears away
I still love you
Yes I do
Wanna stay with you forever

I never felt this way before
Since you stept into my life
I tried to hide
The way I feel inside
But you
You and your laughter
Your way to talk
And your blue eyes
Did break the wall
You´ve toucheed my heart
And turned everything around

Against all reason.......

You told me so clearly
There is no way
Oh it hurts so badly
My feelings still stay
It´s getting colder day by day
No(o)ne to talk
Who holds me tight
Shares my dreams
I realy want you by my side

Against all reason...........

I only want to see you happy
Even if you´ll fall in love
With another girl
Oh baby it still hurts
That someone might find
A way to your heart
Every night I´m crying
I need your love
You´re the one
Who makes me fly
And I still love you
Against all reason

© Deirdre O‘Kelly

Deirdre O'Kelly

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