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All I've found
Eingestellt am 23. 05. 2001 13:11

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All I’ve found

They’re really there, they do exist,
The gates to another side
where fairies and the gnomes can hide.
Just opened when the scenery is
covered by the thick and magical mist.

I had the luck to find a door:
a stone beside a deep, dark lake.
From out the door there came a snake
and told me ‘bout forgotten lore;
half-forgotten tales from days of yore.

Suddenly a flashing light;
in front of me a little gnome
inviting me to see his home
which was a hall, high and wide.
I lost my way, started to roam
through this high and mighty dome.

He said that “Love” would be his name.
In former times he was as tall
as the highest man-made wall.
But mankind plays a dangerous game
and love, it fades away; it’s such a shame.

“Something’s changed, I don’t know why.
With every loving man that dies
the ghost of habit’s going to arise.
Hope and friendship will decline,
leaving a dark and cold world behind.

So please help me if you can
and be the rain after the drought,
push away this frightening cloud.
take everybody by your hand,
tell my story, tell it loud,
try to wash away their doubt.”

I told it all, they didn’t mind.
Everyone I’d met was deaf, dumb, and blind!

by dommas

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La Noche
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Reminds me somehow of a celtic "sid". It`s a great topic and people of today are often so blind to see...


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