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serge gurkski
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EngfĂĽhrung (bottlenecking, AE)

Wonder when Winston’s feet warmed up:
After half a day’s measure of sweet burn: mine do.
He was fatter though, but burnt up
more calories by professionally headaching
about mortal decisions. I think highly
of this killer, though not because of this questionable habit, but, as you of course already knew, his steady digestion of 2 bottles of brandy a day.


Getting intimate with girls scares me:
Bottlenecking our minds and bodies
arouses major panic attacks.

Intertwining, bodies knotting up.
I want to glow inside you.
Hold me, I’m a boy.

Unless you smile and don’t ask
I’ll always make you go
before the birds invoke the sun.

I leave your smell on my
crumpled linen to the cats.

It’s embarrassing but among
writers I love most Aristophanes.

I live in a harem of clouds where the clouds are girls,
and the thoughts twitter like juvenile birds keen
on adventures.

Or was it: ..where the clouds are thoughts,
and the girls twitter?

Or was it Wilde? Or me?

As this poem is mostly in D major I thought I’d link you to
Korngold’s violin concerto. I myself, while writing, was listening to Hendrix’ famous Maui concert. But let this not distract you because I did a lot of other things you are also not interested in, while i wrote this.

Here is the link:

Hier klicken

(I know it’s not Brahms but I feel my poem would have been too modern for the master.)

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