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Days of life
Eingestellt am 07. 02. 2001 14:47

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On the first day of my life
I made plans
I would live the life of my dreams
I would seek for new shores
I would dive into living
I would love and be loved

On the day in the middle of my life
I considered
I still had time to make my life
I saw the shores in reach, could relax for some time
I could enjoy a short bath
I could be tolerant against people and they would bear me

On the last day of my life
I fell into desperation, ‘cause I revealed
Not a single dream had come true
The shores were swallowed by dark fog
Life had drained
I never had loved or been loved myself

It’s time to be reborn
I’ll make it better
Have lots of time...

Abandon thought and let the dream descend...


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