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Forget forever
Eingestellt am 11. 01. 2004 18:18

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dies ist meine erstes \"Werk\" in einer Fremdsprache und auch so bin ich noch eine ganz schöne Anfängerin, aber ich hoffe ihr könnt trotzdem was damit anfangen

The shadows are running over my face, and hiding all the problems around me. Why can’t I forget? Why can’t I close my eyes, just don’t look. Why do I always want to know everything? See where it brought me…
I am here, sitting in the dark with you. And you are going to help me to forget, to forget everything, like last time. Don’t you; sure you will, you don’t even get a choice, you are lying in my hands. Your last drop of life is in my hands…
I can’t do that, not after all this, it would be wrong.
What am I talking about, its okay, its right, I am doing the right thing.
Just let me forget, yes that’s good, just run in me, let me feel you inside me. Let me forget this.
There is never enough of you, is there, no there isn’t, just ask anybody they will tell you the same, they all want to forget, forget there lives and dreams, forget and leave everything behind themselves, everything. But why? Aren’t they happy? No there not they all need you to be happy, like me.
You are so cold, you are going to kill my fire in myself, you are going to kill me, but who cares don’t we die all one time?
No actually not you, you are going to live always don’t you? Because all people need you; to be happy.
Wake up, I am doing the wrong thing, I don’t need you to be happy…
Or do I?
Its getting colder, I need you, I need you now more then before, you will keep me warm, wont you, sure you will like last time and the times before…
But why do we need you, ahh yes to forget. Okay let me forget…
And she drinks the rest of the bottle… and as she drinks it she realizes it was one too much but now it’s to late the bottle got her, now she will forget forever.

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