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Generation Omega
Eingestellt am 30. 03. 2005 09:44

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Flayne proudly presents in association with MDSpinoza : Generation Omega

Generation Omega

The scientist and biologist have always said it. I mean that sort of scientists who have wanted to see the truth. So much is clear. Without this fact, I would not exist.... But let me explain:
The evolution is going on,permanently.The whole microcosmos is changing: the DNA, its structure... Normally ,proceeds gradually.But sometimes the evolution takes a leap and I do not speak about a one metre leap.And this has been noticed during the last twenty years.The scientists have thought
they were acting the right.
Two terrible things have coincided: the leap in the evolution and in the genetic technology. Suddendly the researcher were able to alter the genetic code. Hey,they have known enough,haven't they?
It did not matter in the year 2012....
So I have been made,not like a cake.... little bit differently...
You want to know who I am?
Let me describe you a situation: I was that person who bumped* into you yesterday and made you so angry. By this moment I knew that you are gay and have an affaire with another man... You cried in your mind and I was able to hear it, I always hear it.....Does that scared you?
I am a part of this minority,the government calls “Mutants“ or not so friendly “Bastards“.
It is not a joke. This is a secret. If you ask somebody, an agent or someone else,he would deny it because we “don't“ exist... Okay,I think that is enough.Now you might understand.
It was 2 years after the breakthrough* in the genetic research. My parents wanted to have a child,but they were frightened.You must know,my dad has a genetic defect which bears* out in every third generation and his children would be the third...
The industrial trust Genvolution promised they could help and heal. After a conference with some scientists,my parents entrusted Marlow Crowe, a pioneer in the research, with our future.
And bingo,my Mume became pregnant. But nobody has told them that I was a new experiment,me and 100 other unborn children.
I was born after a normal pregnancy and my early childhood* was like all the other children in this period of life.Until my ninth birthday.... At my party I threw a friend through a window and broke his leg.
This was not the only situation.I have been able to read the mind of my mum, to move things without touching them and most of the people have done what I have wanted them to...
My parents returned back to Genvolution a year later and we were invited by them to check me.
But their main fact was to see how I had develloped. They knew what I was because they had planned it so... There,at research center scientists tested my properties* and I was told that I was a psi-phenomenon.
Me and my parents have been so thankful,but the scientists have not done it for me....The most people think of their own advantage and what it can bring. I have not been the only child who came back in this time.The other hundred “Experiments“ needed help too.
Government officials have been musing about the use of mutants. Think about: The state would have an army who could go everywhere.The world would tremble.*
The governement has supported the trust with money and legislation. They wanted an army,a superpower army.
When I and my parents discovered the plan,we wanted to run away. By trying this my parents died.I was 17.
My life is unbelievable.After this successful action I went from one country to country until now.Yesterday I got a letter: Cassandra,come to Chicago on the July 17th at 4 p.m. at Silly's Bar. We must discuss important things, X“ You believe this is a trap? So did I.Nevertheless* I accepted the invitation.
Silly's Bar is a little coffee shop.Very old fashioned with few tables.In one corner two old women were sitting.I ordered a cup of coffee and waited. Neat,very neat... It is 4.15 p.m. Where is „X“ Hey,I have been invited to be here,why is he late? I was going to leave when a young man appeared behind me. I looked at his face and in some way I recognized him. Going through my mind I stood up: “Hello,do we know each other?“ “Yeah,we should.I'm Xander Cathedral. We were in the same group at Genvolution.“ Clearly.. “Xander“, I smiled,“Yes we last met each other when we were kids“ I laughed,then I became serious: “But this ain't the reason for meeting,is it?“ No laughing anymore... “ “Yeah,do ya remember Clay, this atomic-explorer boy?“ “Yeah,he was strong,wasn't he?“ “He stayed at Genvolution when we ran away.“ “It's a joke“ “No,and Dr. Crowe had used all the power, he had to influence him.But Mr.Doc was old and Clay is strong,very strong and now Crowe is dead...Clay haskilled him“ “And why do you tell me?Shall I find this psycho?“ “Yeah“
It is raining and the night is dark.I trembled.Deep in me was this fear and this inkling*.I should listen to it and give up. Xander was besides me.His breath was going slowly,calm.But I knew better. Looking at my face he said: “We don't hafta do this,do we ?“ But there is no way back.Perhaps this is my destiny.The last month we crossed the whole country from side to side.Clay jumped and he destroyed everything he saw.The news are full of his deeds, everybody was nervous and they were seeking him.But we found him first.I needed 3 weeks.And now,I feel him in me. The whole time I perceived his aura.I was scared about it.Who would not? “You will performed as planned,okay !No risks!We have only this chance!“ If I failed what would be? Standing up I looked at this old industrial hall.
When I enterd ,I saw nothing. Everything was dark.So I used my sixth sense.But there is no difference,because he existed in my mind.Suddendly I saw a little lightning . Then the lamps were going on.I spinned* and there was he!Clay...He smiles.I must be very careful. “Hello Cassandra!“ In his black face his white teeth was shining. “Why are you here,at this dark place?Mh,what was your ability?Oh,yes...you are a psi-genie.But a little one,I remember!Have you seen,what I can do?Compared to me,you are lookind so small!“ “You're doing the wrong! What is your reason to act like this?Nobody has done something against you!“ “Of course, why I doing this?“ He made fun of me when he copied my slang!Then he becames very serious. „Cassandra,you don't know it?I'm very disappointed!“ Hard feeling overcame me.I had to close my eyes. “You've become crazy!“ “They will mob us,you know.I overheard the professor.He was like a father for me,but he said that he is scared of his creature.He thought we are failures.Can you imagine.I,sonlike,a monster.All people will think the same. It is always the same.But I'm stronger.They gave me strength“ In the background I saw Xander.He stared me. “I know why you are here,but you can't stop me“ „Aye*,not alone!“By saying this,I threw an old gas cani while Xander set it on fire. I was more scared about what Charly could do then my own death. It exploded....
I wake up.The light is very bright.At first,I can't see anything.I'm frightened.Where am I? I'm sitting in a room with walls which are made of glass.Then,I see the computers and scientists behind them. “356-97 woke up.“ The door is opened and a man stands in front of me.I remind him,I know him...That is not good. “Great“,he speaks like I would not be here,“We must check her abilities and test some other things.I want to get the resultats of the blood test.Be careful!The best is,you give her drugs...“The scientist leaves the room.His name is Dr.Brinton.He works for Genvolution...I'm sitting in the trap.I can feel that he smiles when he rest in the door. “Experiment Omega can start!“

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