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Goodbye My Love
Eingestellt am 18. 09. 2008 22:47

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Your face resembles a map. A map made of soft lines and deep wrinkles, created by years of hardship and laughter.
Gazing down at your inert form, I remember the past 50 years. Years which shaped us into the people we are today.
I remember the bad times, but my mind does not linger on them for long. We only have a few moments left and they are too precious to be spent in sadness.

For a second I fight the impulse to hold on to you as the prospect of continuing on this journey alone scares me. The troubled, confused look in your eyes reminds me that this existence is not what you wanted.
You always hated to be helpless and, with your beautiful mind having deserted you almost a year ago, you couldn’t possibly become more helpless.
Briefly I close my eyes, preparing myself to let you go.

I let my mind travel on to the happy memories we created during our long life together. A smile creeps to my face and my hand squeezes yours.
For a second it almost appears as if your beautiful eyes come to life once again, as if you sense my happiness and share it.
I caress your cheek with my free hand and whisper the words which are almost second nature to me.

“I love you.”

A soft smile tugs at your thin lips, just before your eyes close for the last time. With your soul finally at rest, I again find the peace that has been absent from my life for the last year.

Goodbye my love.

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