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Goodbye to a real love of mine
Eingestellt am 26. 01. 2002 18:34

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Registriert: Jan 2002

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Never again

Right from my heart
Yes baby it´s true
Right from my heart
For the first time
Hundrets of goosebumps tickling
Thousands of little heartattacks
Millions of bees in my tummy
I never felt this way before
Since you stept into my life

It's just a dream
Oh baby I know
Never again
( I can ) look in your eyes
Never again
( I see ) you smile
Never again
( I hear ) your voice
Why must it end this way

You turned ( my) inside out
Oh yes you did
Touched my heart
like no(o)ne before
My heart´s wide open
Baby you're the one
You can light the fire in me
But you can also destroy

Please darling
Hold me, touch me
Let me be at your side
My arms are open wide
Want to see you smile
Get lost in your blue eyes
And your warm voice (is)
Softly wisp'ring I love you
In my ear

It's just a dream....

Burning tears in my eyes
Oh sweetheart
So many prayers at night
Nothing has happened
Nothing has changed
You´re so near
But your heart´s
A million of miles away

My heart is crying for you
Oh baby
There's nothing I can do
I know I can't live
My life in a dream
I want to feel
Your love for real
That's why I have to go

It's just a dream......

© Deirdre O‘Kelly

Deirdre O'Kelly

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