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Goodnight Daddy
Eingestellt am 02. 04. 2016 15:29

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Mia Lila
Registriert: Mar 2016

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Goodnight daddy (02.12.2013)

You look at me with your big blue eyes
And all I can do is tell you some lies
About your daddy and that he comes back
But through my voice I hear my heart crack

I see that you miss him, yes I can tell
But we can be strong and we will be well
You'll never forget him and neighter will I
And one day, just slowly, the pain will go by

We're always a family, your brother and you
And whatever happens we will make it through
Come sleep in my bed, I keep you two warm
Like me and daddy when I slept in his arm

It's 5 in the morning and we still can't sleep
My thoughts won't shut up, my pain is too deep
We're wondering where is he and is he alright
Come on little babies tell daddy goodnight

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