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Home is where the heart is
Eingestellt am 17. 01. 2002 15:04

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Registriert: Jan 2002

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Green island in the sea
Fascinating scenery:
Majestic rolling mountains,
Sparkling lakes,
Moorland, meadows,
Haunting woodlands,
And golden sandy beaches.
Castles, ruins and stonecircles!
Magic, mystic places.
Land of the fairys and gnomes.
Feeling the spirit of the past
And the breeze of today.

Hard treated many times
In the past.
You´re free now,
But the fight still goes on
In the North.
I hope You´ll find a way
To peace for the whole land.
Your colours in the wind,
Every where - free!

Time passes by in a special way.
My soul can rest,
The spirit is free.
My heart belongs to You.
I´m at home now
And I wish
I could stay forever!

On the way to the futur.
No one knows what it will bring.
I hope You´ll find your way.
Don´t lose your charm
And your tradition.
It´s only a small track
Between today and tomorrow.
Try to find Your own way.
Take care of everything You have.
Don´t lose Your spirit!
Don´t lose Your heart!

I never felt like a stranger.
Your arms are open wide.
Your people are
Friendly, honest and kind.
They stay together.
Merits do still count.
I felt like coming home.
Back in my own country
I feel lost.
Im a stranger here
More than before
And I wish
I could come back
And stay forever.

Deirdre O'Kelly

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