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Life Computer - Restart
Eingestellt am 25. 11. 2017 17:11

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Alfred Bruckner
Registriert: May 2017

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Life Computer - Restart
"Happy Birthday ....."

There have been two major events that changed my life completely:

For the first, I had an accident on June 15th, 2017, when I fell down at two o'clock in the afternoon in nice weather at the "Schnallentor" in Steyr together with my bicycle to the road and "landed" on the left hip.

Well, three days later, I was in the hospital in Steyr for a check-up and was immediately hospitalized to search for possible accident consequences. After further five days, I had the result: There was - thanks to God - no fracture in the thigh, but only a small crack, so I was not in need of an operation.

This I certainly saw as a "warning shot of divine providence" to reduce my temper and relax instead.

As a "side effect" was found in the hospital, that my blood test results ​​in part again very strongly increased on a level above 1100 .... And this requires therapy. In a few years before I was able to treat this very well in "Klinikum Schwabing" in Munich, so that the level of platelets was nearly "normal", as it was confirmed in laboratory tests in Bacolod this year in February.

So, on my birthday 2017, I decided to set my

"Life Computer on Restart"

and to turn my life totally. This happened and I am very happy about it and will experience every day as if it were the last.

And so I "celebrate" every morning "Birthday" ..... with me, preferably with friends and all who like me (or not).

Three "things" I have already "implemented" or realized:

1) I do not longer know what is "stress", because this is usually most the result of inadequate "time management".

2) I can not annoy myself at all, which I can not influence and I live very well with it.

3) No one can "insult" me because a person or institution that does, “downgrade” himself to a leveL below me .... and cannot not reach me,

Thanks to the excellent service provided by the team in the "Landeskrenkenhaus" Steyr in Upper Austria, I will soon be fully fit again and I am looking forward to living and share my life with my family and friends here in Upper Austria as well as in the Philippines.

And I will light candles for Santo Nino - the National Saint of Visayas.

My life has taken a new turn.

To me it's never gone before as good as now.
Alfred Nigel Bruckner

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Hello Alfred Bruckner

I really have no idea what you want to accomplish with this text.
Is it an attempt on humour? The story in itself is neither gripping, well told or funny, even if you use a kind of pidgin English.

sorry, truly
sie lasen soeben die buchstabenfolge, zensiert nur von eigener meinung


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