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Life is show
Eingestellt am 31. 10. 2001 11:44

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Nobody knew that life is show
and we are naive actors .
The invisible curtain rises everyday
with thousands of characters .

Each szene has been planed and played before
but the story will never end !
At least the whole life we do spend
in commedy and horror .

Our own imaginations are
instructions of directors .
We call this play reality -
confusion seems the leading role .

Appearances are deceptive :
the table was a ciagarette -
the smile had been a silhouette .
-Improvisation seem attractive-

There isn´t truth - There isn´t pain :
the feelings are thought up.
And you control by your own mind
till you can rise up .

Then you´re the ruler of the play
crowned with own knowlege
and everything you´ll say
are directors going to catch .

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