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Lunatic's Lullaby
Eingestellt am 06. 10. 2001 12:15

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Registriert: Oct 2001

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Gimme some brandy, gimme some dope
Yeah, that would come handy 'cause I've lost all my hope
There's no love in this body, I feel only pain
Whatever I try turns out all the same

Heartachy nightmares and the stars shine so bright
Dirty old linen - what a beautiful sight
No fancy white satin, no tender lover
There's just a matress with rags for a cover

Oh, gee, they all left me, a nervous old wreck
Soon the asylum will have me, hands tied in the back
What am I to do, can't find no idea
All that life's left me is pain, grief and fear

Somebody help me, come on, you out there
Can't you see my heart's bleeding, I'm going nowhere
I'm full of mucus, I'm full of slime
This planet stinks and there's not enough time

So help me out, show me the way
Help me through this lousy sad day
All this junk, it makes me sick
help me out and please be quick

Nothing's for sure in the dead of the night
They're coming to get me and there's no way to fight
I'm screaming murder, I'm on my knees
Ain't there nobody to answer my pleas

This place is so empty, this place is so cold
This ain't no shelter to safely grow old
Look at me, baby, my life's such a mess
It's hopeless and empty, I can't find no rest

Look at my eyes, they're red and they're burning
I'm rather surprised the world is still turning
Some misty fog is all I can see
I feel like a dog, why do they always hit me

I'm all upended, I'm head over heels
But out of love, that's how it feels
I'm cought in a dungeon, I'm a prisoner of fate
The millstones are crunchin' and it's almost too late

©kw 2000

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