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Mississippi State Penitentiary
Eingestellt am 13. 08. 2010 01:40

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Dedicated to a night in Noganotches Texas, when the Marx brothers, booed, found their advantage

World best doggerel

We are all cooped up in Parchman farm what a stroke of luck they make us work in the field. Varnon was here and the film crews were here and now I am here cause I killed my wife. She was a good wife and I ate grits and well and now shes in hell where theres no banana tree. In the muslim faith or in general terms theres a paradise full of banana trees for those who don’t need women no more I want bundt cake and pudding but this is hell down here. Hell in hell is but extension of hell down here on parchment farm Mississippi state penitentiary we all learn and study and are thankful to the superintendent. Superintendent clegg is your life poetry? I sense it is not. You are a bureaucrat in the best sense of the word you go home and you cook and you prepare a good gamba salad and you want a mega yacht to fall down from 20 feet right onto Parchman farm. We crawl on the yacht we wrap up in the sheet cause you are too afraid we will dangle from the sheet. But we wont kill ourselves we might break a leg the Coen brothers were right cause im Jerry Lundegaard. Jerry Jerry I am much impressed by you all the girls in England have got kids by 22 but you could refrain cause your not a girl bought a house got a job with a slob in Minnesota. The slob loved to knit and watch sa tv uwe boll will be jealous Fargo made 80 million. German investors from all over the world have such faith in him cause his strategy is to master his trade when and if he gets there and get there he will cause he thinks long term so some horses might die, though he likes them a lot, and the actors stand by this brainless whirlwind and sigh, but he pays them well 30 million for jim, while his business plan works out in mysterious ways German tax breaks are cool and I am a fool not to have caught on while my wife is alive. I wrote Boll a letter saying I will be better I will be better and free as soon as I am able. But Uwe was quick he shot 4 more flicks and dedicated the last to my hapless good past, where my wife cooked baloney and buttered Boll up with her honeysweet lies of a life in Tucson with uwe and Ulrike in a trailer for three with no room for me so I shot my wife and sold the rights to Mahomey.

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