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On the train
Eingestellt am 03. 01. 2017 15:48

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Mia Lila
Registriert: Mar 2016

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On the train (02.05.2015)

The world is tired but I'm awake
Closing my jacket, tying my shoe
Morning darkness while I take
The train that brings me back to you

The air inside is heavy and dry
Nobody talking, no sound and no smile
The pretty nature passing by
I'm closer to you every minute and mile

Colors so wonderful and clear
A lake on the left and a field on the right
One raindrop left like a little tear
Heaven's a fight between morning and night

Painting made with endless green
White and red flowers are breaking through
A beauty I have never seen
The landscape while I'm on my way to you

The lake is wild now and so grey
The windows attacked by wind and rain
So dark and sad the second of may
Everything different but still the same

Where are the flowers that I saw
The day when I was on my way to you
I remember it didn't seem so far
A dark illusion but I know it is true

I am tired, the world is awake
Inside it's so loud and I have no clue
How it's so cold here that I shake
When the train takes me away from you

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