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One moment and everything changes

It was one of those quite normal Mondays in New York City. It was summer. The weather was fine. Men wearing suits, were going to work. Lovely girls were waiting on the bus stops. Some housewives were trying to calm their little children. Among them there was Jack walking through the streets without a special destination. Everything seemed to be as everyday and yet there was something strange in the air. Jack could not understand how people could work everyday, when they could get money more easily. For instance “him”. He made million of dollars in only one day. However he had to admit, that he needed a long period of planning until he could execute the bank hold-up, but it led him to be success. And with the money, beautiful woman, expensive cars came into his life and everything was more agreeable. He never thought, that his attitude towards life could change by this quite normal Monday in New York City.
Jack walked through the streets. Suddenly he heard a loud scream, but he also noticed that no one else seemed to hear this ear-piercing scream. He did not know why, but suddenly he had the craving to follow the scream. He turned left and reached a small alley. The walls were scratching the sky. Dosh was oozing out of the inhuman wall. A darkness surrounded the alley in a sinister light.
Jack trembled. In this moment everything else was unimportant and his full attention was concentrated on the way, he had to go now. In the end of the long corridor he could see a light which fell to the right wall. In the cone of light he could identify a human silhouette. It looked like a shadow of a threatening man, who could easily kill you. Jack tiptoed through the corridor, His left hand leaning on the wall. His breath was slowly. His eyes were closed and suddenly he remembered the time when he was a child.

Jack is 14 years old. It´s evening and he is lying in his bed. In front of his door he is listening to a quarrel of his parents. He had always had a great fear of the powerful voice of his father.
Screams. A crying woman. A loud noise. A Shoot.
Jack has to react. He escapes out of the window. In one moment, everything has changed and his life is steered in one direction he has never wanted to follow. He starts to become a member of a gang and slips into the drug scene.

Jack reached the end of the alley and looked slowly around the corner. He saw a man menacing an old woman lying in the corner.
We can decide our acts. If it is a good or a bad act is another matter. The difference of this two acts is sometimes only one little decision. We see the problem and do something against it, or we never look back and let everything happen. For some reasons Jack knew that he had to do something against the crime that was taking place in front of his eyes. He had looked away his hole life. However he had to pay a lot for his blindness. Perhaps therefore he had robbed the bank, had looked for recognition. Therefore he had become a member of a gang. And because of all this wrong decisions, he had chosen the wrong way for himself. But in this moment he knew what he had to do in order to change his life.
He ran towards the masked man and jumped on his back. After minutes of fighting, Jack felt a horrible sting in his stomach. The other guy ran fearfully away. Jack fell to the ground and never got up again. The last thing he heard was the siren of the ambulance and the words of the old lady, he had saved. These were the words: Thanks, you are a good person. Thanks... Thanks... Thanks...
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