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Over 50..
Eingestellt am 04. 11. 2006 18:01

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I have been reading a magazine article with great interest, especially about some woman out there who can say, “It’s great to be over 50 I have so much wisdom now. I really enjoy my age”, well fine...

Is it positive thinking or are the lying to them self??

If these women are really feeling that way, I would like to learn something from them, because in my world there is every day a thunderstorm building up – one day in my brain the other day in my body.
What is so joyful to get older – never mind about the grey hair, that’s easy to cover. Or the wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, that is also not dramatic- you just don’t put your glasses on when you look yourself in the mirror, and you have a ‘baby’ face. (Maybe that is the reason why most of us need glasses when we are above 40).
Apropos glasses this is a major thing in my life, I never find them, I would need 10 of them and leave them in every room and bag, ready to wear. Just an example, going to the chemist and I want to buy myself an energy booster which I need lately. Picking up a bottle and try to read the small print, well obviously everything is blurred, so the scratching for the glasses in the handbag starts, by searching I look at the cell phone -there is a message, but I can not read it “where are the glasses?”.
They must be at home. Never mind, I take the energy booster anyway, hoping it will be the right stuff for me and head to the counter to pay. I pay with a bank card but can not read the slip so never mind again, hoping I sign the right amount.. On my way home all I think “who left me a message..
Was shopping not easier with 30?
Even the fun going shopping with my children- have one sitting in the trolley and the other one holding my hand, a warm small little hand.
Push the thought away and say great: now it is my time I enjoy myself no responsibilities anymore. Sure, no lunchboxes, homework’s, lifts. My time!!
Who needs the games? The songs the sang to you, which the learned at school or the outings in the park, the giggling, the birthday parties you organized – the fun.. I know, my children will be always my children and I see them when they have time. Exactly that’s what it is” when they have time!’
So the lovely age of being 50 years young is only in your mind I hear and read “you as young as you feel”, I believe that in a way, but are there woman who skipped the menopause? Or does one feel young and vibrant when waking up five times a night in a little water pool created from the sweat, even during the day when you meet someone new and by the introduction it just happens that a nice hot flush creeps up and your face looks like an open watermelon.
The great hot sensations are not all, from time to time the tear bags have to empty themselves but unfortunately I have to hold these tears back because nobody would understand why I would cry by the dinner table, when I hear a song from the dinosaurs age (like my children put it so politely) or when I bath the dogs.
This menopausal thing is only a part of a woman’s life, not to worry it gets easier after ten years or so and it does have its good sides you can make love whenever you want. Great stuff, no worries anymore to fall pregnant, only now the energy level is low and the moods swings constantly shout I want- I don’t want.. and if you decide O.K. I want-your spouse who is a little more in the 50s than you - does not.
I also do not find myself so desired anymore, even if I listen to talk show hosts who have experts on the programs who tell me to feel comfortable in my body. Well some of us where slim in our 30s and build up a ring of fat around the waste only by smelling junk food or cakes and it does not even disappear easy, with exercises. We did not dream of ever having to wear long blouses to cover the bulge, but still hoping ‘by the next season’ the flat stomach will be back.
Coming back to the magazine interviews with the ladies over 50 which are filled with wisdom, sure 50 years of surfing up and down the waves, constantly fighting to go with the flow and don’t fall, you build up some strength.
I for instant learned to say “no” if there is something not fitting into my time or mental table. But does all the wisdom help me still not to make wrong choices? Or does it help me to figure out the constants new movements in today’s technologies. It took lot of searching to figure out what an Ipot or an e-commerce is.
Well that’s me, I am a happy 55 but can I say that it feels so marvellous to be in this age. Actually not: I would like to turn the years back a bit, but is this only me?

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No, madam,

itÂŽs not only you.

Hallo huberta,

ich habe mit Interesse Deinen Text gelesen und dabei hab ich mehr und mehr das GefĂŒhl etwickelt, ich könnte vielleicht doch eine ganze Menge mehr Weiblichkeit in mir haben, als bisher angenommen :o).

Vieles von dem, was Du beschreibst kenne ich nÀmlich sehr gut. Das geht bis hin zu Hitzewallungen und den (heimlich vergossenen) TrÀnen, die von irgend etwas Sentimentalem, einer Erinnerung, einer Bemerkung oder einem einfachen Lied aus der Dinosaurierzeit ausgelöst werden können oder auch ganz einfach durch klare Gedanken an die Endlichkeit des eigenen Lebens.

Nun kenne ich selbst aber auch viele MĂ€nner, die mir sagen, dass sie eigentlich so gut wie kein Problem haben mit dem Altwerden. Sie betonen dann den grĂ¶ĂŸeren Überblick, den sie im Leben gewonnen haben, ein gewisses Maß an AbgeklĂ€rtheit, weniger Getriebensein, ihr gestiegenes Selbstbewusstsein usw. Die gleichen MĂ€nner können aber durchaus sehr von ihren Vorgesetzten verletzt werden oder, wenn eine Frau an ihnen vorbei geht, den Blick keine Sekunde von ihrem Hintern wenden, solange sie sich innerhalb des Kurzsichtigkeitsbereichs befindet :o) Also, ich weiß nicht.

Ich bin gerade 58 geworden und ich habe u.a. durchaus damit zu kĂ€mpfen, dass mir immer und immer wieder die KĂŒrze und die nicht endende weitere VerkĂŒrzung der verbleibenden Zeit sehr bewusst wird. Nicht tĂ€glich, aber doch viel öfter als mir lieb ist. Ich kĂ€mpfe mit der abnehmenden körperlichen Kraft, der wachsenden Problematik kleinerer Erkrankungen und der zunehmenden Sehnsucht nach mehr Ruhe und muss doch tĂ€glich so tun, als sei das alles nicht so.

Äh, also... was wollte ich sagen... ach ja, und dass mir dauernd immer nie die Namen einfallen von Leuten die ich eigentlich gut kenne :o)

Ich wollte mit all dem ausdrĂŒcken, dass ich persönlich nicht sagen kann, dass es mir gefĂ€llt oder je gefallen hat oder je gefallen wird >50 zu sein. Es ist gut fĂŒr mich, Ă€lter als, sagen wir: 20 geworden zu sein, weil ich vorher Ă€ußerst schĂŒchtern und unsicher war, aber damit hat sichs auch schon.

Danke fĂŒr Deine Überlegungen und den hĂŒbschen Text.



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