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Paralysed Siren
Eingestellt am 18. 08. 2008 02:32

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Klaus Urlaub
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Restless in the winter storm I stand
childhood dreams and childish hopes
crawl down the hill I see rising in the mist

far, far away it lurks with no way leading to the top
irritating and full of error
I stumble on my path of glory

I was young once and full of life
but many years have passed since then
what remains seems far to shallow and ever dull

wind and hail and rain carve faces
into the mountains stone
mine to see and yours to take:

a bottomless pit
a king with no crown

Calm me down my lifeless friend
cool my raging skin
which depth I can not bear

All these shy shapes resting in the shadows
and longing for a beam of light
I can not touch I can not hide

clouds of darkness move high above my head
and close a tunnel of never ending tyranny
thumbs up for this ruler of my forsaken lands

Can you see the golden bird
wingless and freed from the cage?
I dare not listen to its song

Too much it seems to be a mystery
a bad dream shifting back and forth
and stays on even when I wake

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