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Self Injected Eternity
Eingestellt am 04. 07. 2008 16:10

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Klaus Urlaub
Registriert: Oct 2002

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I - Poisonous Emptiness

Think of me if you dare.
I tried not to.

Signed paperwork is dripping.
White, flawless carpets drenched.

Name thy name
and never change the change.

Beat the machine
to cover pieces of eternity.

Cleansing desperate faces
from bright-shining dirt.

Don´t think of you if you dare.
I tried to.

Emptied bottles.
Fooled spirits.

Break the better part of it.
And look for what is left.

Build a better me.
For life is a shell.

Fail me if I dare.
I failed to fail.

And failed

Applaud the victorious victor.
Subordination to illusion.

Spend my carelessness on luxury.
And lost my luxury to insanity.

Dare me

II - The Queens crown

Speeding movements
slipped on the trace of time.

Lost track of you and me
centred around black spots.

Enjoyed the sorrow of being lonely
Hated the triumph of my will.

Broken broom-sticks
handed from the father to the sun.

Blinded by thy glory
shine, oh shine my only son.

Drowned in tidal waves
Flesh and blood of the only one.

The raging heart has grown cold
left the life I held so dear.

Snake-eating lion-heads
snap for the head of the queen.

Slaughtered them both
and tightened the chain around my neck.

For I am the vanished light
the emerging darkness.

Praised be the state of denial
the end of punishment.

But the time for redemption
hasn´t come yet.

Tasting the bitter-sweet
scent of the sirens skin.

Until the last beams of light
hide behind the mountain tops.

The dream of everlasting harmony
stays alive.

And holds the struggle
between here and there.

Wishing - hoping - escaping
for a life less ordinary

III - Grace and Greatness

Falling grace and rising greatness
passing by

Salt-liquor drops
tasting hope

Running low of fuel
down the road of desperation

Numb body parts collapse over
the sight of fainted visions

Mirror to your own small world
of a copy of a copy of a copy

Flying heads lick their own tongues
to be withdrawn within

Excessively celebrated the true lie
of being speechless

Struggle to find a better way
enlightened by the corpses of the past

Helmets, shields and swords
tumbling down

But the resurrected kingdoms believe
in heavenly glory

Purity cleanses
rivers, air and man

Blurred distinction
origin and end of species

The holy spirit locked
in a cry for help

Builds the world
and measures the mind

Feeling high on highness
up the path of reason

Defending the last stand
moving fast forward

Rewind the tape
of dear held memories

Rising grace and falling greatness

IV - the coming

Why did ya have to go
asked the question.

No answer to nonsense
No sense to answer:

A handful of owlishness
floated my pockets.

Bursting full, ringing and
raging and shouting to the moon:

"Cut open thou veins!"

A smile send back to earth
turned bitterness into gold.

Rage, Hate and Despair was born
cracking sound of an opened box.

A tiny spot turned into brightness
and bended knees to straighten the mind.

Thought to breath, to see, to touch
and all went to conquer the plains.

A hot boiling rush of blood
filled the hollow shells of clay.

Nature redeems, retreats and returned
to its own hollowness.

Shades cast shades in the pitch-forked
darkness of the cave they call their given land.

Seen them move - acting like actors
on a canvas so empty and dull as themselves.

Thunderbolts and lightning -
captured spirits and immortal gods.

Rotten pages speaking words of failed
wisdom. Rewritten and reread.

The cries of the masses arisen from the
heart-shaped boxes.

Plastic, metal-fenced and cold -
guardian of humanity

The forgotten hero climbed down from the mountain. Stripped from all of his shine.

"Draw thy sword and use it well!", they claim.
The mayor, the teacher, the priest and the clown.

The holy quartet of sanity.
Reason of the reasoning.

One final strike - missed the head
but sliced the guts.

Tangled testicles and twitching nerves
plundering away.

Seemingly disgusted by the staring look
of the faces around.

"Let it die", merciless and thoughtless.
A plain slaughter, the touch of god.

"Let it live", caring and soft.
A plain birth, the touch of good.

The people have spoken - so it be


The sacred trinity -

puts you to sleep
wakes you for war
binds you to thyself

The back-stabbing saint
recovered from his wound.

Self-inflicted sorrow
renews the bare flesh.

Carves a crown for the slave
thus making him king of corpses.

Resurrected and reborn
he feels the weight of his pockets.

And cries to the moon

V - prophecy to lunacy

all is all
none is none
thy is thy

capture the name
of the flying fish
and hold it up high

spinning wheels push the
raging circle round and round
return to the point of pointlessness

Undetermined and ready-made
A fine piece of art -
the statues of melting pulp

weakness overcomes the strongest of bodies
magnetised by the fear of defeat
Cheers to skull and bones!

Crawl to the one you fear
spend day and night to see what you are
running from the exile build on sand

a castle in the clouds changes its shapes
as the wind blows a lethal strike
come to me my child and stay in my realm

steps of stone, an echo in the sun
nestle your mothers breast and suck
the knowledge she is growing for us

Dance, oh my brethren, dance!
to the melody of time - click - clack it goes
tapping on the floor

But you who dare to sleep through all of this you are the shiver of my skin
waking but never alive until the end of days

Dreaming of dreams
what they are I do not mind
and I´ll never know

Lost the scarf that covered my scars
carry it neatly for you will carry my sins
and drag them to my grave

The remains of a broken life break through
a wall of ice and grow wings to fly
My lie turned into truth and turned alive

Never wanted it to be this way
Sticks and stones can break
Taken back to the womb

Hated the emptiness of narrowness
Pushed and dragged for an entry into exit
Show me the tools of your trade!

Too phoney to be a fraud
whatever leaves the body clings to the mind
Disconnected but relatively related

Anything else to say?
Father, my dear father what shall I do?
A prayer to prey

Mind you, don´t become the devil you are fighting
mind me for I am me
Oh sister, where art thou?

Reunited in the spirit of the same kind
it is a truly beautiful sight to see and sing
songs of love and marching into the sun

Keeping you warm
Keeping you young
Keeping you

Hand me the hammer
to nail this phantom to the wall
A craftsman and prophet

Gather around and watch
the impossible to be done
A prelude to entity

I remember those who said it was just a game,
the law of invisibility may seek
a broken heart, a pile of flesh

A blow of life went through it -
gives it love and hatred, be mine all mine
my proven creation

It is all the same
imitation of origination
bathing in the liquid of the soul

They cry, they shout, they whine
Sending dust and smoke to the sky
Dark and ghoulish

The battlefield of passion remains clean
spotless and smooth
with warm blood rinsing

Fooled by the picture drawn in mind
My thought is rule for it is yours
and mine and none

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