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Some pieces lost
Eingestellt am 04. 09. 2006 11:55

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Natalie Bosien
Registriert: Aug 2006

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Some pieces lost

My eyes were up there
decorating the Easter bouquet
together with colorful eggs
they made a pretty one
for everybody to admire.

My arms were in there
growing with the branches
of huge old oak trees
my hands collected the oak nuts
to feed the squirrels in winter.

My legs were down there
covered with moss and moshrooms
some stumbled over them
never realizing my feet trying
to catch their attention.

My mouth was stuck there
in the deep brown mud
it made bubbles all day long
since there was nothing else
to be done all day.

My nose was flying away
fast as a hummingbird
but never searching for flowers
just on its fast escape
from any smell that could come closer.

My ears joined the army
loving the uniforms
screaming had such a reason
and was to be expected
nothing came out of the blue anymore.

I never found out
were the rest went
guess some pieces got lost
or washed away
by the rain one day.

das einzig unerträgliche ist, dass nichts unerträglich ist

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