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The Blues Cafe (Songtext)
Eingestellt am 23. 12. 2002 17:26

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Andreas De Angelis
Registriert: Dec 2002

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I am often here,in the Blues Cafe,
where the light is dark and the peoples okay
Want to have a lark,vomit in my way,
I┬┤m at home,home home,in the Blues Cafe

I take a seat at the bar,the waitress is new,
she comes not from far,┬┤cause out of the blue,
she┬┤s wanderin┬┤,that I┬┤m still alive,
I┬┤m amazed,yeah yeah,she was my neighbours wife

So I order a "Rusty Nail" by this ominous women,
Jack,who┬┤s back from jail,offer me a line of cocaine
In the morn┬┤,I wanted to die and now I get high,
I crawl around,round round,in the wretched pub of the town

The world┬┤s looking good,like it always should,
I┬┤m having people round,we drink for brotherhood
I┬┤ll be bound,here I┬┤ll put out roots
and so I found my home,in the Blues Cafe

Mrs. Ti Jean,who┬┤s everyday drunk,
a queen of the scene,a homeless punk,
is in love with Bob,who┬┤s believed to a monk,
but he┬┤s just a snob and sales junk

Slow melody sneak through my brain,
the speakers like me,out of them sounds "Ball and Chain",
and I feel free,like I never had pain
and I feel like a ship on the sea,to stand up is in vain

Pictures from John Lee in glossy Black and White,
I lick it with my tounge,so I while away the night,
the crowd complain ┬┤bout me,but it┬┤s alright,
┬┤cause they don┬┤t know me in this dark,blue light

By "Little Girl Blue",I get out of control
I awake at eight,what┬┤s happend to my soul?
All my friends are gone,on this rainy day
and I┬┤m alone,all alone,in the Blues Cafe

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