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The End Of Us
Eingestellt am 10. 01. 2009 18:42

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Registriert: Aug 2008

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Pssst be quiet
Otherwise go and try it
You should know how it is
Dont try to ask me like in a Quiz
I told you already what to do
You just ignored never tryed to put on your shoe
Now you say it´s just my fault some day I see I´ll get caught
Im free you´ll see
I just gota jump
Looking for last at the dumb
Dust is the rest of our sky
But I dont care cause I can fly

Worlds situation in 2045:

After world war the atomic weapons destroyed more than 75% of our world
Water is not anymore available
Please stay in the rest of your house, if you got
and wait for more news

Please pay attention to the new rules:
-Never drive car, to save the last cm. of ozone spere
- Dont use electricity if you got
- And be careful with the bottom,
because where the oil was wich we took out
Now the world is falling down

Why should life be easy when you cry while youre born.
Genieße das Leben in jeder Sekunde,jedem Atemzug, beim irrealen denken und dem realen sein.

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