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The Monstrous Dream
Eingestellt am 12. 09. 2006 19:21

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The Monstrous Dream

When the sun disappears,
and the rain cries its tears,
I can remember the day,
I wore my hood,
and visited the wood,
Well, it was very wet on my way.

When I reached the wood,
Which was windy and cold,
I sat down on a tree which was old,
and laid down my ugly brown hood.

Then I slept,
and kept,
My soul,
Into the dreamy, dreamy whole,
Of the wood.

When I woke up, I felt very bad,
When I saw the sky, I felt very sad,
\"Well, what´s with wandering?\", I thought,
\"`Cause I must go on my lonely way.\"

But suddenly I felt anxious,
I heard an ugly sound behind me,
I turned to the big tree,
and saw: A troll.

He wa svery fat and big,
and when I saw him, I felt sick,
His tall tummy bobbed up and down,
With every breathe, one by one.

The troll didn´t have a nose,
and the arms are strong,
and among,
The fingers,
and the feet are long,
Like trees.

Then the troll spoke,
in an angry voice,
\"What do you want at my place?,
That´s mine since many days!!\"

I stared at his little red eye,
and his dedayed teeth,
Wanted to talk with the shy,
But only can smell his breathe.

Then he shouted very loudly,
\"You´re my lunch, you can believe me!\"
Well, now the last words before my dead,
\"Er - you´re a quite impolite person\", I said.

Then I woke up: Ugh, what a shocking dream,
So I lived my life and went on,
I was so sad, that I chose the poorly one.

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