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The Wings of a Jellyfish
Eingestellt am 12. 08. 2005 21:10

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Alexander Kongegaard
Registriert: Apr 2002

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A jellyfish that bangs
Its head into a wall
Might not be often seen.
That is due to it bein’
An animal which hangs
Without no limbs at all,
So dull and lacking flair,
Around in the blue sea.
And, too, it must be said:
It does not have a head
To bang into what’s there,
Whatever that might be!

A wall seems not belike
If we care to stay true.
But what about a bit
Of kelp which could be hit
Unwittingly? Just like
A human being who
Looks up and walks into
A lamp post on the spot.
There is one diff’rence though.
A human might just know
What happened and says: ”Ooh!”
A jellyfish does not.

A lot of things we do
A jellyfish does not;
Be angry or to frown,
For instance, or to drown.
Duh, like you never knew
That that’s the case! It’s got
No brain to make it feel
The feelings of the smart
And clevererest folks
Like us! But this envokes
The question of appeal
Of such a life at heart.

So, most of us will walk
Upon a ridge, go straight.
For if you swing to one
Side, you will just be gone.
Or will you? You might balk,
Deny your torso’s weight
And sail up to the skies
Where gravity will fail.
Now, you might say: ”Yeah, right.”
Believe me, you just might
Be happening to rise,
And laughter will prevail!

But then again, one might
Just fall and break one’s bones.
Should gravity prevail
One goes ahead sets sail
Towards the shiny light
Behind the twilight zones.
‘Cause life is just as bad
As people make it be.
You see, you don’t have wings
To fly with, yet the things
Which make you sad and mad
A jellyfish won’t see...

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