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The meanest thing
Eingestellt am 11. 11. 2004 17:57

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The meanest thing a person can do,
Is to tell you lies and say they're true.
And even meaner if a lie concerns
Emotions, which this person spurns.

A difficult matter are emotions,
Really risky when mixed with devotion.
And even riskier when devotion turns,
Into contempt, which hurts and burns.

If a man says: "You are beautiful and nice"
Why does he not mean it, it is so concise.
Oh, no, you can never be sure,
These nice words may just be a lure.

And once you believe him and forget your mistrust
With contempt he thrusts you aside, oh how unjust!
So what to do now, you are fulfilled with grim,
But somehow, deep in your heart, you still like him.

You try to hate him, you don't want to see him again,
This attitude is easy and helps your life to sustain.
However, he comes back and you can't conceal your joy
Again you are enthused instead of cloyed.

He pretends to be sorry, he says: "Let's be friends!"
You trust him again, forgive him and shake hands.
Your mind says: "Don't you blunder, it's a serious mistake.
He's let you down once, he is false, get it straight."

Again, not listening to your brain,
you make the same mistake again.

Being sorry is not a nice feeling,
And it needs a long time for healing.
So it seems to be logic, that if you are sorry,
you won't do this mistake again, to avoid worry.

But not so him, he is good at acting,
And if he needs you, he can be attracting.
Though when having another victim or being happy alone
He leaves you out in the rain, without the faintest moan.

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