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When first we met, downcast and disheartened she had been,
Yet still a light shone in her eyes, a-twinkling could be seen.
She stirred my heart, I had to lift her mood,
To ease her burden, make her stop to brood!
With me she shared her innerst trouble, told me of her doubts,
Took me in her confidence and as she spoke, the clouds
Seemed to vanish in front of her face, a gleeful laugh,
And sudden I felt like standing in a sunny waterfall from up above!

This smile and laugh, it sealed my fate
I was hers, my heart I served her on a silver-plate,
As even before, I had felt to her so near,
Like a long-lost sister but as a tear
Blurred my vision, I had to face,
That I loved her, she held my gaze
And I knew, that forever I would be hers!
But, alas, some weeks later, it made me curse,
For somebody else had won her heart,
I was forlorn, my hope did part!

But I will wait for her, as long as need should be,
‘Till finally her heart becomes aware of me!
Up to this day I spend my time with memories,
Of her voice, sweet as morning birds, a-twittering in the trees,
Her hair like hazel-coloured silk,
Her skin so soft - and white as milk,
Her almond eyes, her gentle touch,
I cannot help, I love you all too much!
Not all that is gold glitters - Im Wald zwei Wege boten sich mir dar... und ich nahm jenen, der weniger betreten war...

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