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You leave me breathless sometimes
Eingestellt am 04. 01. 2007 01:03

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You leave me breathless, speachless,
drifting inside of me;
you leave me gasping, babbling,
wondering what will be.

I am completely at a loss
about the way I feel,
so I keep asking myself:
What if this is real?

What do I do with a feeling
that at times just floods my chest,
that sets my heart in motion,
pounding wildly in my breast?

And that, at other times,
just makes my spirit light,
wanting to take you in my arms
and hold you tight.

I try not to comply,
as well on your behalf,
'cause I don't want to frighten you,
yet I'm frightened myself.

I just wish sometimes
that I might dry your tears,
to be with you and you'd try
to let go of your fears.

But you must find your answers
inside your own heart and soul.
So I'll simply be there for you
and maybe, maybe...

Die Gedichte schreiben mich -
ich fürchte sie nicht mehr.

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