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dilemma lethal
Eingestellt am 05. 11. 2012 17:22

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serge gurkski
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It's gonna be hard
tears will fall
there's gonna be
a rain of tears
and I am already so
sick to be scared by my own fear.
So, this is the state of the art
report on the way I live my life

I would so much be
able to masturbate,
but not because I*m in need of
cumming but
just to feel warmth
for the very last time.
One single joke please
allow me to grin at,
to laugh about myself
in order to soothe myself and,
and then let life
kill me.

Among those killed in the dawn raid was a man aged a hundred:

When the morning was waking over the war
He put on his clothes and stepped out and he died,
The locks yawned loose and a blast blew them wide,
He dropped where he loved on the burst pavement stone
And the funeral grains of the slaughtered floor.
Tell his street on its back he stopped a sun
And the craters of his eyes grew springshots and fire

(this quote is part of a poem by dylan thomas)

I'm done now and
now I'm gone.


Habe bonum animum. Plautus

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