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Eingestellt am 12. 09. 2006 14:56

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when the first chords drop on the dance floor.
they leave little puddles filled with chords, here and there
then the strings inside my soul are touched
and cling! like provoking voices: dance!

like a small breeze evolves to thunderstorms
the music rumbles wild and wilder
my toes are tickled by shivering vibes
transmitted by the underground

but paralyzed by a thousand eyes
my feet remain nailed to save floor
imaginary glances pierce my skin
and leave me in the center, naked

now the tunes demand my limbs
to worship drums, and perfect harmonies
slowly creeping up to my feet
like waves sound disperses over the wooden floor

my toes are tickled by the base
pumping through my ankles, bones and thighs
penetrating me, arousing me
gooseflesh oscillates over my skin

the worlds attention focused on only me
observing the littlest move i make
but my passion grows inside,
and will finally set me free..

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