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i dreamt i was dying
Eingestellt am 09. 09. 2006 02:17

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i dreamt i was dying
amidst the daily ado
but no one saw me there lying
for that i didn't believe it was true

then, when the first moon was briefly shining
and my head still rested on the cobblestone
i heard my soul was whining
as if it couldn't find home

shadows of walking figures passed
and only once a boy came by
i hoped the moment would last
because he looked me in the eye

day and day the world in wildest motion
but nobody passed the test
for they had not the vaguest notion
about my infinite rest

again, fall wind kissed my bitter lips
and soothed my longing for a safer place
when a deep breath cracked my rotten rips
it was then, when i saw your smiling face

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