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swinging Buddha
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serge gurkski
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(to an album of songs by Muddy Waters*:

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Some lite lilac in the morning sky
and some hurting in my heart and cool air
into my face and my bones : from top to
my feet. I am my Blues now.
Dreaming up relaxed swinging
Buddhas , fat and grinning.
Breathing’s hard now and about
my heart don’t ask. Let it suffice
to know, that I’m simply trying
to be good to myself.
In order to live on
in the cold, numbing myself
in order to live on,
if only my heart was not
there at all.

A guitar singing like a violin
played by Gatemouth Brown
requests from me a singing
of low blue notes to
soothe her and myself,
making it through cold holydays,
conqu’rin the frosts of
of my loveless days and nights and
in-betweens . Need my
swinging Buddha now to
help, help me out of this.

to help me out of all
that’s not quite right enough
for me now.

Blame all of this to
Muddy, please. The whole
mad swinging and the
dancing through my shadowed

Now please call the police
to help me get out of my-

out of my
To help me gettin out of this
once again.

* which is exactly what Mississippi in Southern Algonqian tongues means. Muddy waters
all of this just being a short interlude to the fat Jazz text I am writing over at my own forum (lyreandbrush
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but Muddy waters was just too good to not abuse his music for my poetic perversions.
Habe bonum animum. Plautus

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