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Klaus Urlaub
Registriert: Oct 2002

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the last kiss long ago
faded into darkness

shivers and trembles
and fights against death

a shade cast in the dark
numb and deaf

the bitter taste of truth
runs like poison through veins

This is my exercise
for crucifixion

Standing in front of the world
not naked
not bare
not helpless

For I carry no hatred in me
I know, I can´t die

Are you fearsome of fear?
I know, I am

This is the exercise
for your crucifixion

Standing in front of you

Discover and destroy me
Renew my sore flesh

Ye art my other me
Hide thyself

I´ll carry my cross
and hold it tight

Let your love float my lungs
free me from my destiny

In the dark, dark night
I count the stars

seeking shelter
seeking sense

the rage of the masses is untamed

freedom of hate
brothers by fate

and another love wasted
of a lover never named


uneven shapes draw a thin line
below and beyond

I shall walk the earth
roaming and hunting

hiding and searching
in the dark and in the light

day is dawning
the world covered in blue

reborn for a lifetime
eternal suicidal

life and lifeless
turn around and walk away

I remember the night I left you
no tears - no regrets - only pain

countless thoughts
lost and lonely

the city of god
rages against me

lift your coat
for arms to be drawn

in the freezing cold lies
a nightmare of sweet ashes

visions of the vicious
fight together and fall alone

inhaled dust of past memories
covers your lungs

with bitterness
and blackness

I dive into it and crawl
through a liquid as sweet as yourself

a stream of coincidence
crosses the mind

keeps it occupied
and keeps it blind

in the search of light
the pursuit of happiness

come to me and embrace

my black-box
my trojan-horse

of hopelessness
and imitation


Grass on the dunes dances in the wind
that blows harshly from the sea

Tide comes in and storm blows both of us away
Side by side we fell and one by one we feel

Struggle for breath
and forced to drown
but in fight we can never be scared

None knows what it was
days, weeks and months came by
all blurred like a dream

I cherished the takeover and stared into the light
I gave what you want, gave what you need
Now throw it all away

All my beliefs all my hopes and dreams
can´t predict the end
Yes, I love what you always wanted to be

To pass the last whisper
into the ear of time
I couldn´t carry on
Just for the sake of it

Ready for retreat
Ready for regret
To the moon and back
is all what it takes


In dreams I open my palms
to hold your spirit with mine
I discover and destroy you
a thousand times again

Desires of desperation
hidden and pushed
I strive you tenderly
and hold you tight

In thought and deed united
an aimless wish
for a game with the wind
and you in its centre

Every breath I take
bears the calm before the storm
restless and raging - ever again
a waking nightmare of endless hope

It is this game we play
by the rules of the book
that we write step by step
- which drains me

On the soil of the damned
we push the pace
we imagine dreams
in this no-mans-land we claimed

Empires of emotions fall
burning rags of the past fly in the wind
a walk on the road to ruin
guarded by the light of the tainted sun

I have never been so far away
helpless and hopeless all the same
rivers of blood pour from my open veins
into an ocean of endless wishes

Haunted by ghosts of the night
I seek a castle made of crystal
so clear, tempting and sweet
it lies deep hidden in your eye

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