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B I P O L A R .... so what ?
Eingestellt am 05. 10. 2017 18:49

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Alfred Bruckner
Registriert: May 2017

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B I P O L A R .... so what ?

M o t t o

“Live every day as if it were the last”

As Prince Orlofsky sings in the operetta "Die Fledermaus" (Bat) by Johann Strauss: " Ich lade gern mir Gäste ein ...." - "I would like to invite guests" .... So I celebrate in any case every day birthday - with me .... but gladly with friends and all who like me (or not).

My Experience with .... “ B I P O L A R “

Since a while, I don't "hid" myself with my "BIPOLAR" and can talk freely about it, even in public, because I am not the only one in the world.

2003, when I was still in Munich, the diagnosis "BIPOLAR" was first mentioned. But I did not experience "effects" as otherwise described under this diagnosis - on the contrary! And so a "therapy" in the classical sense was not considered necessary and prescribed “Zyprexa”, which was then as “Olanzapin” further on the market .... and I received every fews weeks my new recipe and I had "small talks" with my doctors.

Background to the story
Since 1995 I am a member of the Bacolod City Host Lions Club and was able to support projects of the club when I was in Bacolod.
And I was - until my retirement in 2006 - from 1998 onwards temporarily in Bavaria or in Visayas and working mostly for media: regional newspapers and AM radio stations or in tourism.

In 2013, I became Melvin Jones Fellow of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and had found "my" job for me: to support the orphanage Holy Infant Nursery in Bacolod, a project of Bacolod City Host Lions Club, and to collect donations in kind in Munich and in particular "food" for my piggy banks. 
And I met Lion Betty at this time and we lived then together as "Husband and Wife" - even in a "Long Distance Relationship".

OK, I'am since June 23, 1987, married to Catalina - a Filipina and 1989 Austrian, but even divorced on December 21st,1995, in Munich, I'm - according to Philippine Law - still "married", because in the Philippines is no divorce. Later, 2016, the Court in Bacolod rejected on December 29th to "recognize" the Munich divorce.

I was since 2006 engaged with Bayerisches Nationalmuseum and I travelled as often as it was possible in 2014, 2015 and 2016 until I moved 2006 permanent from Munich to Bacolod.

And now - since last year, when I did not have any more Olanzapin in the Philippines - I found out that I might be possible to "return" to my former "status" before Olanzapin.

Again I was very active and sometimes impatient and want to deliver the best "result" as soon as possible in perfect performance. This is - now and then - "too fast" for my environment.

And in retrospect it can be seen that my return from the Philippines to my homecountry Upper Austria in the Holy Week was result of talking about a possible "separation" of Betty and myself on  March 16th, 2017, leading to a spontaneous overreaction.
OK, it happened, but it was not "final", because Betty and I had not "given up" totally our relationship - thanks God!

We are again “Husband and Wife“ and we contiue our “Long Distance Relatonship“.
I had also researched, what is meant by "BIPOLAR". And, in retrospect of my life in the 71 years, I have the well-founded assumption that I was "BIPOLAR" already in my childhood ... but neither "recognized" nor treated.

"Life Computer" ..... Shut down and "Restart"
Fortunately, I had - after an accident at on June 15th, 2017 - for the first time "contact" with the Hospital LKH in Steyr, when I was there for a few days stationary.
On this occasion, another long-standing story has become acute again: my thrombocytemia, with which I was previously many years in therapy in the Klinikum Schwabing in Munich. This can now be continued.
In the course of this, "BIPOLAR" was addressed, so that I also receive the excellent "service" of the psychiatric outpatient department in the Steyr Hospital.

I would like to thank the crew at the Hospital in Steyr and have full confidence. Well, I also light a few candles for Santo Nino, the Visayan National Saint, which I have been admiring since the time I lived only one block away from his cathedral in Cebu.

And - in particular on my Birthday June 27th, 2017 - I have set my "Life Computer on Restart" and have lived much more consciously since then.
Three things I have already "implemented" before or realized:
1 )   I do not longer know what is "stress", because this is usually most the result of inadequate "time management".
2 ) I can not annoy myself at all, which I can not influence and I live very well with it.
3 )   No one can "insult" or "hurt" me because a person or institution that does, “downgrade” itself to a leveL below me .... and cannot not reach me.

Time to C h a n g e
Let's end mental health discrimination

I would like to encourage "concerned" fellow human beings, to go out of themselves and to talk about "BIPOLAR" and to follow my example.

Follow Up - October 2017

Well, it seems I have hit "the nail on the head", because in a short time I had more than 77,000 visitors on the "BIPOLAR"-Page as part of my Homepage.
Alfred Nigel Bruckner

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