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Englische Gedichte eines Neulings
Eingestellt am 26. 12. 2005 21:15

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Me – from dusk to dawn

I´m playing the hard one,
the strong one from dusk to dawn,
but at night you can see my weak point,
not my body,
my mind, my soul,
in my lonely and dark world,
there is just one light,
named YOU, my star.
I wish you here, by my side,
to be my heat, in my frosty life.
I feel my heart beat when I think of you,
when I see you in my dreams,
when I feel your breath in my illusion.

I want to hold you tight,
I need to feel your love,
I love to feel your contiguousness,
but you´re to far away from me.
I can´t see, can´t hold, can´t sense you.
But I feel tingly when I think of you and see you in dreams.


Going to far

We had some trouble,
and you felt missunderstood,
you started cryin and send me away,
I went of, I walked, I ran,
.... to far, to far away,
don´t find my way home.
I walked in the wrong direction,
I walked alone, alone in the dark,
in the cold, in the rain.
No one there to lead me home,
no one there to talk, to hold me.
Seemes like no one miss me,
no one calls me, searchs me.
But then I saw the light,
it must be MY light,
that leads me.
Leads me home?
Leads me further?
I don´t know,
I follow and get faster,
comeing near to the light.

Nothing, nothings there,
no noise, no picture´s in my head.
Just the strange warmness around me, in me.

I open my eyes, and see an angel,
my angel, and it looked like you.
You, but warmer and stronger.
I´m missing you,
even if you seem to be by my side,
you arent the same person anymore,
you are different, not just your wings,
your mind, your soul,
you changed, but I don´t like the new you,
I miss the old one,
close my eyes
and never open them again.


Icecold angel

I´m so tired, so alone,
alone in the whole big world.
You´re not there,
not by my side,
nothing warm´s around me,
it is so cold,
cold in the dark,
on the whole big world.

I tried to find you, but don´t see a sign.
But there was a light,
as cold as ice, I get nearer and see her.
Looked like a girl, but felt so cold,
an icecold angel,
broken wings, destroyed soul.

But I loved her, so inapproachable.
Closed, but open mind.
Cold, but warming words.
I can´t hear you, but I know what you say,
can´t see you but know how you look,
can´t touch you but I´m sure that you feel soft.

You disapeared like shadow, if sun rises.
I was alone again,
alone in the dark.
Took my mental dirk,
closed my eyes
and felt warm again.


vicious circle

Everything goes wrong.
everything you do,
you say,
you feel,
is worse as the one before.
You feeling lonely,
and slightly step into pain.
Take your blade,
and cut our pain away.
Feel free,
feel good.
But you feel good to short.
Step into pain again,
and cut it away with youre blade.

Someone came to help you,
but you don´t want it.
You leave him and he feels pain.
Cut it away
and feel like you.


Of light and dark

I´m so lonely,
no one´s there,
no one´s with me,
no one likes me,
loves me.
I´m alone,
alone in my small, dark world.
I feel nothing,
nothing warm,
nothing near me.
Feel just alone.
It´s so dark.
Someone hides the sun behind the moon,
hides the light from me,
shows me the dark site of the world.

I hide my self,
hiding my self behind a wall.
No one cares I´m away,
no one cares I´m alone.

But when I met you,
sun rises again.
It´s so warm,
and you´re near me,
I like you,
you like me,
I love you,
You love me.
Your arms are my castle,
protect me from the dark,
your soul´s my sky,
where sun will never set.
I get to know the light site,
forget the dark.
Will only feel togetherness,
till life ends.


Arms of an Angel

I love you,
but you don´t love me,
you brush me of,
again and again.
I´m crying,
crying tears of pain,
of unfullfilled love.
When I think of you,
dream of you,
I´m getting crying fits,
all the time.
I want to see,
to feel you,
to love you,
but you won´t let me.
I´m lieing in the amrs of an angel,
and we fly,
fly away from here,
away from you,
away from everything,
everything that hurts me.
I feel save,
feel free.
We´re flying further,
and will never land again.

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coupla remarks

Going to far
Did you mean: „going too far”? otherwise it would not make much sense
“and you felt missunderstood”,
“you started cryin and send me away,”
you started crying and sent me away (or at least cryin’)
“I went of, I walked, I ran,”
I went off (better: I went away)
“.... to far, to far away,”
either: too far, too far away or far, far away
“Seemes like no one miss me,”
seems, misses or is missing
“no one calls me, searchs me.”
Searches for me
“you arent the same person anymore,”
check tempus consistency

“You disapeared like shadow, if sun rises.”
disappeared ... when the sun rises

“You feeling lonely,”
You are feeling lonely or your feeling lonely
“But you feel good to short.”
Too short

“But when I met you,
sun rises again.”
Tempus consistency

Lieber ein verfĂĽhrter Verbraucher als ein verbrauchter VerfĂĽhrer...


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