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I can see the evil
all and all around
we will overwhelm it
with our rings of sound
I can see clouds and rain
falling to the ground
meanwhile the devil himself
is celestial bound

'Cause we are creators
of the one and only Lord
who created us
with his power and his word

This is what it is
exorcists exist
there is nothing more to say
we just have to pray
good things for desire
bad things into fire
I get up I won't get down
you can't keep a good clown down

Hey there is no reason
to be down at all
'cause even the evil
and the devil have to fall

One day I woke up to find
possession is the pain in my mind
All I say is the truth
obsession is a bed full of blues
come on you beautiful loverthing
and deliver us from our suffering
come on and get a good breeze
and love even your enemies

This is exorcism
starfull and bible rules
'cause this world of troubles
is in the hand of fools

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