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Harry Potter and the Next Generation
Eingestellt am 26. 07. 2007 23:59

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sammy le fox
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Ok...es tut mir sehr leid dass diese Rezension in Englisch ist, aber das Buch ist es nun mal auch...oder gehört das hier dann nicht hin?
Wer das 7. HP Buch noch nicht gelesen hat und auch die Handlung nicht vorher wissen will, sollte die Rezension nicht lesen. Allerdings habe ich das GefĂĽhl, meine Gedanken dazu loswerden zu mĂĽssen...

Harry Potter and the Next Generation

Well, I’ve just read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is said to be the last piece in the series of the adventures of the wizard with the lightening scar. It is mainly a story of journey, of Harry and his companions Ron and Hermione traveling through the whole of Britain. As every reader of the 6th book knows, they’re looking for Horcruxes, those things that contain parts of Voldemort’s soul. As soon as they are all destroyed, all it needs to strike You-Know-Who down would be a well-shot spell.
To prevent her story from becoming too monotone, J. K. Rowling has set some wand duels with Death Eaters, Ministry folks and various kinds of magical creatures along their way. Their friendship, too, is to be proven under the exhausting conditions throughout the trip. Yet there are a lot of happy moments, moments of joy, love and hope that keep you in a good mood while you’re reading, as well as some funny scenes and dialogues. Another means of the author making the reader stick to the book are the well-placed links to the past (especially the past of Harry, Dumbledore and Snape) , to some myths and legends of the magical world (and I’ve always been a fan of old myths and legends).
The great final, how could it be another way, is a battle between Harry and Voldemort in the Castle of Hogwarts. To make it short, because in my opinion everyone should read the things leading to the end by himself, I just say that at the end Voldy’s dead and Harry’s still alive.
There had been a lot of rumors about what would happen at the very end of the story, which grew even louder when Rowling said that one of the leading characters would die. In fact, after 600 pages, several old friends are missing: Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin and his wife Tonks, Dobby, the house-elf, Harry's owl Hedwig, Colin (the boy with the camera) and Fred Weasley gave their lives for a better world. The names of those fallen on the side of the Death Eaters might be less known, but for one exception: Severus Snape. He is killed by Voldemort himself, to say it right by his snake Nagini.
So this is it. Has everything turned out just as I had suspected, had wished it to do? I’m not quite sure about it. Indeed, I am happy that my all-time suspicion had been right, that Snape was one of the Good guys, after all (he is, by the way, my favorite character, apart from Sirius Black). However, I was really surprised by the reason why he had helped Dumbledore defending Harry from Voldemort. This is the only thing I’ve missed within the whole book: a reflection of Harry bout his relation to Snape throughout all these years at Hogwarts or a discussion about Snape between Harry, Ron and Hermione. Only on the very last page, in the epilog called “19 years later” Harry refers to Snape’s part of the whole story.
This brings me not only to the end of the book, but also to the end of my review. I’ve got to say that I really like this book, for it contains breathtaking moments as well as some good laughs (though I’ve still got to say that the 3rd book of the series is my favorite one). Some who read it might be reminded of some events of past and present history in our very own world for it deals with terms such as oppressed minorities, dictators and resistance, freedom of speech and press, terror and abuse of power. However, the didactic, morally tone could not have been put into better measures as in this book. It is worth reading and an adequate ending of a wonderful, magical story.

…Really? Is this really the end of Harry and his world of magic? Have Hogwarts’ portals closed to our Muggels’ eyes forever? As I said, there is an epilog. Guess what you can read in there.
It is quite a déjà-vu of the real beginning of every Harry Potter book (except the last one, of course): dozens of young wizards and witches on King’s Cross, looking out for friends, waving good bye to their parents, waiting for the red train to bring them to Hogwarts with their owl, broomsticks and other magical stuff. Among them there are Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, … and their children! Draco Malfoy’s got a son , too, and Neville is now professor for Herbology at Hogwarts.
Harry has chosen the names for his three children quite well: the eldest son is called James (after Harry’s father), the youngest one, the girl, Lily (after his mother). His second son, about to go to Hogwarts for the very first time and afraid that he might be a Slytherin, was named for two headmasters of Hogwarts: Albus Severus (oh, have I forgotten to mention that Snape had become headmaster?).
Once again the question comes into my mind if this is really the end of the Harry Potter books and what Mrs. Rowling’s intentions were to let the 7th having an ending like this. Is there going to be an 8th one? Does she want to simply show that life in the magical world goes on and that it will always be the same? Or is this a grateful gift to her fellow readers, the starting point of libraries full of fan-fiction work? To me, each answer is the right and a good one.

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