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Mill pond
Eingestellt am 13. 03. 2014 19:44

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Registriert: Mar 2014

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Ivory poison seeping viscously from poppy capsules
Somnolently dropping in ruby red wine

In yesterday’s starless glowfly night
Brumous nightmares swaying in scarlet rivers
Abducted you, carried you away
From the prospering gardens in the backyards
of the thorny nocturnal cocoons
bearing ethereal, nebulous, yet hideous beings,
feathered, thistly, fluid, filthy fellows,
tearing, hustling, grabing your wits,
ensnaring you, enchanting you,
put a spell on you.

Come with me, dance with me,
Hand in hand you’re pacing with will o’the wisp.

Haze and fog embracing you,
A shiver and a shudder caress your marble skin

In this anemone lit early spring night
You lie with me in musty oak moss (disgorged by the holly king)

Our pale bodies touch in the ebony waters
of the ivy tendriled mill pond
Tightly entwined
Like sea weed round the rotten wood of a ship wreck

Lost in thought
Sunken in reverie

With bloated lips
Sucking avariciously
Your last summer’s dandelion wine.

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