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final piece
Eingestellt am 16. 07. 2008 09:02

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Klaus Urlaub
Registriert: Oct 2002

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dreaming of a place to be
a sacred sanctuary
of broken destiny

I never called it a day
for me to be
my silent victory

seen the answer
for a question never asked -
it shivers on my mind

Rage against thyself
Fight a losing battle
raining ash
pouring decay

The taste of destruction
on my lips is all that´s left
I see bitterness in you and me

It might be wrong to say
it never was harmony
I lost what I craved

a reconquered reality
emptied and bare

I am not sorry for nothing

a butchers knife
the tool for the fools
victims and heroes

the decency
is cruelty
to play

so carry it

All bridges burned
no point for return
wandered off to nowhere

I know where

Starring walls surround me
trapped in time
the faces of the banned

traces of despair dragged
behind my back
into a new life

ideals for fanatics
power struggle over
passionless fantasies

It wouldn´t be the same
no it never would
force my tears into darkness

Forgotten hope drains my dreams
a line drawn into the sand
blown away

a bold strike
I couldn´t care less
for this isn´t real

illusionary and visionary
dooming futures
a story never told

blood shed and
freezing cold

knowing who you are
keeps you lonely

seen the trumpets blowing
heard their sound and a
warm-hearted voice whispered

words so pure and dark
black and white all the same
the sound of silence

A smile to me, and for myself
I am glad that I didn´t die
before I met you

seeing what I saw before
felt the feeling that has
long been lost

No more cleverness and hopelessness
no more rage, hate and despair
No more enlightenment
except for me

For I have crossed the ocean of tears
I drowned and drowned
drank bitterness and dropped to the ground

Like the day I drove all night
just to see you in the morning
To hold your hand is all I want

there`s nothing I can do
and that´s fine

No word can ever tell truth nor lie
a secret to be kept

Blasphemy and Insanity
Phantoms and ghosts
Oppression and Opposition

all in your mind
all in mine

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