Could I Undrink The Poison of This Love

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Could I Undrink The Poison of This Love

(Elizabethan sonnet)

[ 2]Could I undrink the poison of this love,
Unwhisper of thy voice my memory,
Unwitch yon ghost whose vision from above
Invades my mind, evokes my misery,
[ 2]Could I unburry thee and from this grave,
This coffin in my brain, undig thine image,
Surrender thee to heaven and unslave
Me from the horrors of unholy homage,
[ 2]Then peaceful would my soul in blissful rapture
Soar through the realm of God’s eternal pardon,
Of Adam and of Eve—not of that creature
That tempted them to sin in Eden’s Garden;
[ 2]Thou vicious Love, thou serpent hast me slain:
As Abel am I butchered, cursed like Cain!


Marvellous! I bow my head, remain in humble moods. Thou art too perfect for my winged words, too elegant thy wistful wit for mine ! :D

(Once 'pon a time,
I wrote verses like thine,
maybe I will
give you this thrill
in c'rageous moods.
(Back to the roots.))
In thank thee, Franzi, for thy gracious praise
of this my meager verse, my wicked wit,
and hold my mind in languishing suspense
until it thrillingly shall be refreshed! :)

Thanks, La Noche! My sonnet is just some 4 centuries too late... (but in a few thousand years that won't make much difference, I hope :D )

Best regards,

Oben Unten