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A meal, if it were cooked by me
would surely make you cry.
Of course - you'd try to find the words
for some fairspoken lie.

Don't bother , pal. I know the score.
But sit down, anyway
i'll dish you up delicous stuff
that makes you wanna stay.

For starters, we'll have limericks
and fluffy, light puns too.
A pinch of humor in it might
just stop all doubt in you.

But don't you overeat with it
my dear and faithful guest!
Cause main dish is about to come
and that will be the best.

I'll offer you fine ballads now,
well filled with tragedy
and you should taste the fresh sonetts
spiced up with irony

What do you think my good old friend?
How should we end this feast?
Perhaps with some wise sayings or
a little joke at least?

A meal cooked out of food by me?
Well - just don't mention it.
But if the condiments are words...
well - you should try a bit!

Hannah May, 29.01.19


Dear Scheibfan

I am tempted to give an "outstanding" for this whimsical, wonderfully lighthearted and rather amusing poem. Do you have a flying brolly with a parot handle? Would not surprise me measuring you (perfect in every way) ;)

Thylda ( an admirer)


Thank you, dear Thylda.I am flattered and getting red :).
Unfortunately, I do not have a flying brolly with a parrot handle, although I am taking care of kids which are not mine (so this Mary Poppins stuff fits in in a way).
But - to be honest - I had a little help from google translate) but not this much, honestly!)

Greetings from Schreibfan

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