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Dear Harriette!
How are you? How are you in bed? Are you in bed? Alone? I'm not in bed. And I'm not alone. But I'm not with whom I wanna be with. In bed. Wanna be with in bed. I'm not in bed with the person I wanna be in bed with. But I'm not even in bed, so what?? Gotta work. work together alone. Alone at my desk.Together in a room. But no fuckable people. No people to fuck. Just lovely nicepeople with me here alone. How are you? Where are you? In bed? Where's your bed? Areyou in london? In bed in London or in the streets of London? Of Hackney? In Mare Street? You missed it? Did you? I do. Sometimes. It's bad. No bed. That's bad. Wanna hear a bad joke? Is a bad joke still a joke? Do you know? That? I don’t. Ok, now the joke: Michal Jackson’s new Album’s called: Even Worse. Ok, bad, bad joke. Old joke. Not mine, anyway. Bad joke? Tell me. That's me. I wanna be. In bed. With me and myself and I know who else, but nobody's here with me, loads are here with me, but not whom I want to be here with me now. Have you met a new guy? A gay guy? A straight guy a “biggus dickus”? A smallus prickus? There's only sex in this world it might seem. But alas, Oh mylord, that's not true. If it were, I'd be not unhappy about it. But it's not. My bed is empty and even if I'm there it's empty. Then it's even emptier. Fuck. I think, I’m gonna learn how to fly, how to fly like a fly and fly thorugh the bedrooms and sit on asses of fucking couples, smell them, annoy them and maybe they kill, well, that’s not exactly what I want, however, nice it would be. Would be. Not for me. When I fly I can lie without being told not to do so cause it’s bad if you do so, it’s mad if you do so, it’s sad if you say so. That’s it, this is it, my friend, this is it. I can fly along, sit on sticks sit on trees shit on sticks shit on trees, walk along lonely lines on a paper or book, be together with millions of other flies, just like me, who think like me, who act like me, sit together and make love to each other and get millions of children, all black with six legs, just like me and then go an eat shit and be happy with it. You see, my love, all I can say, is, it’s nothing spectacular to be in my position. My position is here and is empty. I wish you’d come. What it means to me is what it means to you. And thats exactly my problem.
All the best to you, come and after that come along, if you want but you won't. All the best, yours, Harriette.

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