An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
But bananas are eaten with pleasure.
The clementine tastes good ev’ry day,
and so does the date, as a treasure.
The elderberry goes into the drink,
The fig is eaten — or starts to shrink.
The grapefruit has to be peeled,
The huckleberry looks tasty.
Indian fig ist tasty; it healed.
The Jack fruit is round as a ball and wasty,
and the Kiwi is indeed
just as the lime quite tasty.
The mango is for me far too sweet,
the nectarine meet’s my feet,
oranges – put into the glasses –
enjoy like peaches heavy brasses.
The quince – it is a little bit hard,
the raspberry is on my card.
The Strawberry is in the cream.
The tangerine falls into steam.
The ugli fruit falls into silence,
Vanilla was sent to Markus Rilence,
Watermelons are much too big.
Xiguna makes me dumb and sick,
and yuzu can be bound to send.
Zucchini made my poem end.

Oben Unten